PEC Exhibition Registration Form

PEC Exhibition Registration Form

The 77th Physical Electronics Conference (PEC) will be a 2.5-day meeting, dedicated to new research results in the field of surface science and in the sub-fields of physics and chemistry of interfaces. The Wayne B. Nottingham Prize is awarded annually at the PEC. This conference is endorsed by AVS.

PEC provides a yearly forum for the dissemination and discussion of novel and fundamental theoretical and ex-perimental research in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering of surfaces and interfaces. Presentations of PhD thesis research, made by young contestants for the prestigious Nottingham prize ($1,500), are highlighted. Representative topics include electronic, chemical, mag-netic, and structural properties of surfaces and interfaces; energetics, kinetics, and dynamics of physical, and chemical, and biological transformations; electron correlation at surfaces interfaces; interactions of biological materials; mechanisms of film growth, interface evolution, and reduced dimensionality; and processes of energy, electron, ion, and molecular transfer at surfaces and interfaces. The PEC has more than 100 participants.

To register as a exhibitor, please download the PEC Exhibit Form and Return form to: AVS, Attn: Della Miller, 110 Yellowstone Dr., Suite 120, Chico, CA 95973,
530-896-0477, fax 530-896-0487, e-mail della ‘at’

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