Invited Speakers

he annual Physical Electronics Conference provides a forum for the dissemination and discussion of new research results in the physics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces. It includes the prestigious Nottingham Prize Competition for best presentation based on doctoral research.

In addition to three 40-minute invited talks, the conference will include 20-minute oral presentations in a single-session format with lively discussions. The conference’s three-day format limits the total number of oral contributions to about 50, and additional contributions are included as poster presentations. With the exception of Nottingham contestants, a one-page abstract is the sole written submission required of contributors.

Invited Speakers

  1. Dr. Nigel Browning, Pacific Northwest National Lab

2. Dr. Kevin D. Johnson, Intel Corperation

Materials Science of Interfaces: Semiconductor Applications

3. Prof. Jun Jiao, Portland State University

Progresses and Challenges in Manufacturing Graphene and Graphene-based Hybrids for Nanoelectronic Applications